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Best of the Tournament

  • Goalie: Tytti Segerman, Finland
  • Defense: Petra Verhelä, Finland
  • Midfielder: Evelina Johansson, Sweden
  • Forward: Elena Rybakova, Russia

  • Best in scoring goals :
    Tytti Lintula, Finland
    Elena Rybakova, Russia

All Stars:
Tytti Segerman, Finland
Lisa Östman, Sweden
Perta Verhelä, Finland
Kristina Nizovtseva, Russia
Maria Thir, Russia
Michelle Löfblad, Sweden
Maria Guseva, Russia
Tytti Lintula, Finland
Elena Podkamennaja, Russia
Elena Rybakova, Russia
Evelina Johansson, Sweden

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Final Finland - Russia 2 - 3
Bronze match Sweden - Norway 4 - 0

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Finland - Sweden 2 - 4
Norway - Russia 2 - 11

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Sweden - Norway 4 - 0
Russia - Finland 1 - 4

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Finland - Norway 7 - 1
Russia - Sweden 2 - 1

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Welcome to the webpages of Girls 17 years Bandy World Championship!

Welcoming message from Anneli Kiljunen

Distinguished players, Ladys and Gentlemen, all friends of bandy!
I wish you all warmly welcome to Girls’ (17 y.) Bandy World Championships 2009.

It’s a great honour for us in Lappeenranta to host these championships, to offer great, wintery outdoor facilities to the best girl bandy players in the world.

Bandy is great sport which demands not only physical strength and quick movements. You also have to keep your mind in the game, understand the tactics and be creative. And when it comes to winning, good luck has sometimes a word to say!

I congratulate you all players who have chosen to keep up your physical, mental and social well-being with playing bandy. Sometimes it sure is tough and rough, but it sure pays off! Also you coaches, parents, friends – I’m quite convinced there’s no better place for you to be right now but here supporting and encouraging these girls to play and to try their best.

This is sports at its best. Players, teams, spectators, friends and families, coming together from different countries, sharing experiences, competing by the rules, having great time together!

I want to welcome you to Lappeenranta, the heart of South Carelia. I hope you’ll have a pleasant stay here and you also have time to visit our beautiful city and its surroundings.

Ni är varmt välkomna från Norge och Sverige! Dobro pashalovat russkie gosti!
Tervetuloa suomalaiset kisavieraat ja pelaajat!

Let’s have a great tournament and fair plays all the way. May you all enjoy the games!

Anneli Kijunen, Member of Parliament

Welcoming message from Bo Nyman

Federation of International Bandy, FIB, would like to welcome the bandy players, in Girls Y17 to the first World Championship ever.

Besides welcoming all the players to these Championships FIB would also like to welcome the Referees and all the Staff to their very important, and much appreciated work.

Lappeenranta has a long bandy tradition which guarantees that this first World Championship ever for Girls Y17 will be a success!

Finally FIB hope that the people in Lappeenranta will take this opportunity to follow the World Championship as spectators, to see a truly exciting Championship in the spirit of Fair play.

Welcome to Lappeenranta, the Capital City of Bandy in Finland!

Bo Nyman
General Secretary
Federation of International Bandy



It is widely recognised that City of Lappeenranta has taken the position of Bandy Capital of Finland. Therefore Lappeenranta is right place to do pioneering work of bandy, especially in case of women’s and girl’s bandy. Lappeenranta was the place of 1st Women’s WCS in 2004. Now it is time to play 1st G17 WCS on the same place.

The city authorities, local club team Veiterä and local organisation committee of Finnish Bandy Federation have made again open-minded job to organise G17 WCS. City of Lappeenranta has again supported local organisers – without their broadminded attitude this event would be very difficult to make though. Also the financial support of Federation of International Bandy (FIB) is worth of mentioning: FIB’s both symbolic and concrete support for girls bandy is the right way to promote bandy as suitable sport for all.

National Teams of Sweden, Russia, Finland and Norway are in main role in the forthcoming WCS. This tournament is organised for players and for good bandy. On behalf of FBF, I’d like to wish good matches to every player in each team. Also the international referees are in important role to promote good international bandy forward. Organising these WCS shows that good referees are the guarantee of good bandy happening.

Local and national sponsors are the guarantee of successful event. FBF and local organisation committee acknowledge the support for given to this G17 WCS. Without your help this event wouldn’t be possible.

Good luck or all, have a nice time in Lappeenranta, Bandy capital of Finland!

Topiantti Äikäs
President of Finnish Bandy Federation